How to Create a Payment Link

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Payment links are a quick way to direct customers to a unique checkout page without the need to code. With Pay Theory, you can create and customize your own payment link to allow your customers to easily make payments.

In This Article, We’ll Look At:

  1. Where to Create the Payment Link

  2. Link Setup

  3. Link Details

  4. Payment Detail

  5. Accepted Payment Methods

  6. Advanced Options

  7. Create the Payment

  8. Editing the Payment

Where to Create the Payment Link:

  1. Log into your Pay Theory account

  2. On the left-hand side of your screen select the tab, “Payment Links.”

  3. Select the button titled “New.”

  4. On the right-hand side of your screen, a “Create Payment Link” side sheet will appear.

Link Setup:

  1. For “Link Type” choose either option:

  2. “Set Payment Amount” - For a fixed amount

  3. “Customer Chooses What to Pay” - For a variable amount. This is useful for donations among others. 

      2) Title the transaction using “Link Name”

  1. This is for internal use only.

  2. A suggested title model is: ‘Date_companyname_eventname’

Link Details:

  1. Fill out the first text field “Payment Name.” 

    1. Customers can see this, so be sure to name this something they will recognize.

  2. Fill out the next text field “Payment Description” to explain the payment.

Payment Details:

  1. Select one of two options presented for the “Fee Mode” dropdown.

    1. “Merchant Fee” (merchant pays fees)

    2. “Service Fee” (payor pays fees)

  2. Type the amount for the payment in one of the two different text fields:

    1. If “Set Payment Amount” was selected for “Link Type,” then one text field for the “Payment Amount” will be visible. Set the fixed amount owed.

    2. If “Customer Chooses What to Pay” was selected for “Link Type,” then you should see three text fields. Fill these out following this model:

      1. The “Suggested Amount” should be the dollar amount you recommend your customers to pay.

      2. The “Minimum Amount” and “Maximum Amount” should be the range in which your customers can pay.

Accepted Payment Methods:

  1. Choose the checkboxes that are associated with the types of payments you would like to accept: credit cards, ACH/bank, and cash.

    1. Learn more about how cash works.

Advanced Options:

  1. To see additional helpful fields, click “Advanced Options” and more will appear.

  2. Selecting the checkbox, “Require Customer To Provide Phone Number” if you want to make the phone number required.

  1. Underneath the next checkbox, “Call to Action” dropdown will appear. Select which word best applies to the payment link.

    1. “Pay”

    2. “Donate”

    3. “Book”

  2. For the “Confirmation Page” dropdown, there will be three options:

  1. Select “Show Confirmation Page” for a prewritten message by Pay Theory.

  2. Select “Show Confirmation Page with Custom Message” to create your own message.

    1. If this is chosen, a “Custom Message” field will appear below. Type your message in this text field.

  3. Select “Redirect to Another Link” to send the customer to a custom URL.

      4) In “Account Code”, type your company’s account code if applicable.

Create the Payment:

  1. Select the “Create Link” button.

  2. If this button is not able to be selected, one of the required fields has not been filled out. Go back and double-check that you filled-in everything properly.

      2) When you are finished, your link should appear on the “Payment Links” dashboard.

Editing the Payment:

  1. If at any time you want to edit this information, just select the horizontal three dots on the right side of the payment link row on the dashboard. 

  2. Select the settings icon. 

    1. The side sheet will appear.

    2. Any changes made will be updated in real time. There’s no need to send a new link to your customers.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues, please send Pay Theory a message directly to the email or submit a ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.

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